One rescued from water after falling out of dinghy in Clear Lake

Tuesday, December 6, 2016
Boat rescue
Man rescued after being thrown from his boat near Nassau Bay.

Not often you see a pilot-less boat on the water. Doing circles and jumping wakes.

"There was a little inflatable boat running around in circles wide open. Going crazy," said one witness.

But that's what caught Cass Shewbart's eye this afternoon outside of his home in League City. Clearly, someone had fallen overboard.

"Guy shouldn't have been out in this weather, should of had a life jacket on. A lot of reasons why he shouldn't have fallen out of his boat."

While he was watching the boat---and the police response, his brand new neighbor across the street Kai Adkins saw its missing owner.

"I saw a guy holding onto basically a marker at the end of the canal. He was screaming for help."

Kai Called 9-1-1 but help was already on the way.

"It was a little surprising because it was foggy. It was misty. It was raining. It was cold," said Chief Tom George with the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department

Chief George and his firefighters put their boat on the water and rescued the mystery swimmer.

"He said he was driving along, in a small dinghy type boat, hit a wake, and just popped out of the boat. Bounced out of the boat."

They brought him ashore on Beacon Island, which Eyewitness News coincidentally featured this morning as a 35 acre island up for sale. He was cold but otherwise okay.

The boat eventually stalled and was towed to South Shore Harbor, where we found it a little worse for wear, but still afloat after an unlikely afternoon on the lake.