Hundreds of dead and injured birds found in Galveston

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The migratory birds were found after they flew into the American National building. (KTRK)

Hundreds of dead and injured birds were found after flying into the American National building in Galveston. Some of the images might be disturbing to some.

The Galveston Police Department received a call Thursday morning about a large group of birds at 1902 Avenue D.

Galveston Police Animal Services Unit Supervisor Josh Henderson said he collected 395 birds. Many were dead, while others survived but were injured.

Henderson sorted and identified the birds as follows:

  • 90 Nashville Warbler

  • 60 Blackburnian Warbler
  • 42 Chestnut Sided Warbler
  • 41 Ovenbird

  • 29 Yellow Warbler

  • 26 Black and White Warbler

  • 24 Magnolia Warbler

  • 21 American Redstart

  • 15 Indigo Bunting

  • 14 Bay Breasted Warbler

  • 8 Black Throated Green Warbler

  • 5 Kentucky Warbler

  • 4 Eastern Wood Pewee

  • 3 Golden Wing Warbler

  • 2 Painted Bunting

  • 2 Orchard Oriole

  • 1 Hooded Warbler

  • 1 Grey Cat Bird

  • 1 Blue Grosbeak

  • 1 Rose Breasted Grosbeak

  • 1 Orange Crowned Warbler

  • 1 Summer Tanager

  • 1 Worm Eating Warbler

  • 1 Red Eyed Vireo

  • 1 Cerulean Warbler

"These are all migratory birds. This type of event is not uncommon though the numbers are nothing I am familiar with throughout my career in animal services," Henderson said.

The live birds were taken to the HSPCA Wildlife Center of Texas by a member of the Galveston Bay Injured Bird Response Team.

"These birds were immediately triaged and provided with supportive care in hopes of a full rehabilitation and release," Henderson said.

The birds will be examined through the Houston Audubon society to determine the health of the birds prior and after hitting the building.

Injured wildlife can be reported through the Galveston Police Department Non-Emergency Dispatch line at (409)765-3702 or your local Animal Control Department.
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