Men assault, rob Rosenberg substitute teacher

ROSENBERG, TX (KTRK) -- "He came around and punched me," he explained. "I flew down onto the ground."

To understand what happened, you first have to understand who it happened to: a 70-year-old retired substitute teacher whose legal name is Cowboy Bill.

"That was given to me by some kids that I taught how to rope and ride in 1984," he laughed.

It's easy to see why kids love Cowboy Bill. Some of his students, like now-18-year-old Shaquille Davis, even come by his house.

"I even let this guy sleep overnight so he wouldn't have to go miles to go home and the rough weather or the cold weather," Cowboy Bill said. "Why he set me up, I don't know."

Police say Davis and two other men, 21-year-old Paul Ybarra and 20-year-old Edward Shavers Jr, robbed and beat up Cowboy Bill last month. They got away with two guns usually used for hunting.

David and Ybarra have been arrested. Shavers is still on the run.

"I just can't believe a student would do this to me," Cowboy Bill said.

Now, former students are taking care of him as he recovers.

"He told me what happened and I was really upset," said former student Isiah Chavez. "He got along with us really well. He knew how to talk to us."

"The response I've gotten in the last three days, I don't know how to say thanks for that," said Cowboy Bill.
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