Local transgender boy speaks out against bill

AUSTIN, TX (KTRK) -- Among the crowd in vocal opposition to the "bathroom bill" Tuesday afternoon was 14-year-old Landon Richie from Missouri City.

Landon was born a girl and is now living as a young man.

"This is as personal as it gets. They are trying to strip me of that pride," said Landon.

Landon and his father made the journey to Austin to speak out against SB 6.

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They argue that the bill discriminates against transgender individuals, since it would force people to use public bathrooms according to their biological sex.

"Landon was not like most kids around two and it became obvious when he was seven," said Aaron Richie, Landon's dad.

"Bathroom bill" supporters insist this isn't about transgender men or women, but rather safety.

"Please don't place your rights over everyone else's," said Jack Finger, bathroom bill supporter.

"I don't share a bathroom at home. I don't want to share it with a male somewhere else," said Linda Bradberry, bathroom bill supporter.

Supporters also dismiss concerns that other states might boycott Texas if the legislation moves forward.

"Don't believe the fake news. It's economic terrorism and they said the same thing in Houston. We didn't lose convention business. We gained more," said Jared Woodfill, with Conservative Republicans of Texas.

For Landon, though, he worries about the message lawmakers might send him and others.

"I know for a lot of trans kids the bathroom is a very frightening place. This bill is only going to increase the risks of assault," said Landon.

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