Local musician shot, killed at traffic light in NW Harris County

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Julie Golvach told her 25-year-old son, Spencer, the same thing every year.

"Ever since he was born, I would tell him, 'Did I ever tell you that out of all the children in the world, you're the one I would've picked,'" Golvach said.

But Spencer Golvach was shot and killed at a red light on Saturday morning, just moments after dropping off his girlfriend for the night.

"She blew him a kiss from the car window and I can't help but think that the same window she blew the kiss through, the passenger side, a few minutes later, a bullet went right through there and shot him in the head," Julie said.

"Somebody felt like it was a good idea to pull up next to him and end his life," said Spencer's father, Dan Golvach. "Blow his brains out.

That's what they did. Lets not make it pretty, that's exactly what they did. I'll never see him again."

This doesn't appear to be an isolated shooting.

Less than an hour later, and 14 miles away, the Harris County Sheriff's Office says a man in a pick-up truck shot into another vehicle, killing the man inside, a 28-year-old named Juan Garcia.

The sheriff's office confirms the suspect led the deputy on a short chase, then got out of his vehicle with a weapon.

Claiming to fear for his life, the deputy shot and killed that man, 31 year old Victor Reyes.

Now, deputies are investigating whether the incidents are all connected.

Did Reyes kill Golvach, then kill Garcia, then threaten a deputy until he, himself, was killed?

"This was the price," said Dan, pointing at a picture of his smiling son. "I'll never get over it."

The Golvach family searches for answers, but instead only finds memories, like a Bible Spencer gave his mother for Christmas last year.

"Handwritten he put, 'Did I ever tell you that out of all the moms in the world, you're the one I would've picked?'" That's just the kind of person he was," she said.
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