Kingwood boys help save 92-year-old woman

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Usually brothers Joseph and Phillip Suarez would have already been at school. But, yesterday, they could go to school later. It was because of that they were there to help their neighbor. Joseph Suarez described what he noticed, "I saw her. She was on the ground, in front of her car."

The brothers were walking on their block on the way to school in Kingwood when they heard someone call out. Phillip said, "We heard her yelling help and I turned around because I had a bad feeling about it."

A neighbor who is 92 years old had fallen and needed help. She was stuck alone for 20 minutes and could not get her phone to work until the boys showed up. Joseph said, "She said she just kinda blacked out for a second and she fell."

Phillip added, "I was comforting her making sure she didn't move."

Paramedics arrived and the boy's mother got a call from their school. Marcy Suarez could not be more proud of her boys, "I teared up and was just filled with so much pride and it's just like them to be those caring, nurturers kind of kids."

The young men took the initiative to act fast and work together. Turns out, it is something they learned from their father, Phillip, a Metro police officer who died from cancer almost two years ago.

Phillip described why he did not hesitate to stop and help.

"It's a thing that you have to do cause you don't just see someone laying on the ground and oh well just leave them right there, we have to do the right thing."

At 12 and 14 years old, the brothers know they want to be like their father and become police officers one day to help people like he did. And now, like they did.

"I think he'd say 'good job'."

The brother's neighbor is recuperating in the hospital right now. Hospital officials say her family is eager to say thank you to the brothers. null
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