Houstonians honor victims of Paris Terror attacks

Tuesday, November 17, 2015
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Houston pause to remember, show support to France

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Per the governor's request, there was a moment of silence across Texas at high noon, to remember and reflect on the terrorist attacks on Paris Friday, to honor the victims and let France know it is not alone in its fight against ISIS.

Awty International School in Houston was one of those where time paused for a minute. It's personal to many students at the private school, who are French by birth, or by family connections.

In a senior level history class, Nicole Salet spoke of cousins who live in France. Her father was born there. It reminded her of 9-11 images she saw as a child, too young to comprehend.

"Afterward, the impact of it was just awful," she said.

Now they're young adults, and will be in college next year. The Paris attack may have happened ithalf a world away, but it's hitting close to home.

Gaetano Dona-Jehan has French roots.

"You think everything can be fine and nice, but suddenly something wrong happens. Whether for freedom of speech or other reasons, there are those who just want to hurt people," he said.