Houston area wakes up to storm damage

LA PORTE, TX (KTRK) -- Rain from storms throughout our area has saturated the ground, and for some families, their homes and belongings as well.

Last night in La Porte, people showed Eyewitness News the extent of the flooding in their homes. Water in some places was ankle-deep, ruining floors and walls.

One woman showed how her flooring lifted and her belongings were scattered by rising waters. She told us her family hasn't had flooding this severe since Hurricane Ike.

La Porte resident April Drey said, "It's going to be cleanup. "I mean, those trash bags, were floating. It was just amazing."

Another resident, Carol Schilling, woke up with her front yard tree uprooted. "It pulled it up right out of the ground," she said. "It was planted with a crane in December. (The storm) just pulled it right up. Looks like right out of the pot. (I'm planning) cleanup and call a tree company."

Flooding in the area has gone down, but the grassy areas remain saturated with water.

Fort Bend County was also hit hard by storms. High winds struck a building site in Stafford damaging a home that was under construction.

The wind also sent a Port-a-Potty flying down the street in the Promenade Estates at Boardwalk. And at the Southwest Freeway and West Bellfort flood waters stranded dozens of people. Many of them were trapped at a McDonald's for hours waiting for the water to go down.

In Fort Bend County, a roadway remains flooded. The Fort Bend Sheriff's Office tweeted this message: Flooded roadway: FM 1093 (Westpark Tollway Frontage) EB closed at Grand Mission Blvd. impassable.

Stay with Eyewitness News for more on the flooding, damage and what's in the forecast throughout the day. null
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