Homeowner Fakes Having Gun to Catch Burglars

A Florida homeowner pretended to have a gun to catch a group of burglary suspects he found in his home.

The man, who police haven't identified, returned to his home in West Palm Beach, Florida, Monday afternoon and found three masked men inside. He quickly called 911.

"I need a unit here right away," the caller told an emergency dispatcher. "I have two individuals - young males in my house - they broke in."

The man said he grabbed a knife, put it under his shirt and faked like he had a gun.

"I'll shoot him in the f****** head," he told the burglary suspects while on the phone with police. "You stay right there - don't move. You stay on the ground."

The man then forced the three into a closet and locked the door.

"Look at the wall," he told them. "Don't you look out of that closet. You look at that damn wall."

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At one point, he began lecturing them.

"What were you guys thinking?" he said. "You don't come in someone's house. This isn't your house."

When officers arrived at his home, he told them about his elaborate ruse.

"Come in - upstairs, upstairs," he said. "No gun - I don't have a gun but I told them I did."

Police then arrested an 18-year-old and two juveniles, who investigators said had armed themselves with the homeowner's airsoft gun, knives and tools.

Two of the three admitted to the break-in, police said.

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