Family says baby, thrown 25 feet from car in crash, nearly unscathed

HARRISON TOWNSHIP, OH -- A 7-month-old girl survived a car crash in Ohio after she was thrown more than two dozen feet from the vehicle, WHIO-TV in Dayton reports.

She survived thanks to her sturdy car-seat. The family is calling it a miracle.

Witnesses said a car ran a red light at the intersection of Philadelphia Drive and Turner Road around 10 a.m.

Baby Madison, her mother, and a 15-year-old girl were inside a van that was struck from the side.

The baby -- still in her car seat -- was thrown through the window on impact.

"They said her eyes were closed -- literally closed, and she was face down in the car seat. When they flipped her over, they thought she was dead. Then they said her eyes opened, and she started smiling," said relative Alicia Lewis. "I started crying, like -- oh my God."

Aside from a small bruise on Madison's forehead -- you'd never guess what kind of day she's had.

"You looking at her like, wow, she doesn't even know what's going on. She was the one in the trauma and we're traumatized, but she's not," Lewis said.

The family says now they're sure they've got somebody looking out for them upstairs.

"God does not make mistakes - I tell people that all the time. When things happen, it's all in his will," said relative Rhonda Moody.