Deputy Goforth made impact on the lives in his community

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- Darren Goforth wasn't just another sheriff's deputy. Not according to the people in this community whom he protected.

Among the hundreds, who came to offer prayers and condolences, a 5-year-old girl.

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"He took a picture with me," said Mikaela White.

She and her family met Deputy Goforth at a National Night Out last October. Her parents say there was something about the deputy, something Mikaela trusted. She's usually afraid of strangers. Especially adults.

"How genuine he was. You could just tell he loved what he was doing," said Mikaela's mother Janie White.

That night he let Mikaela and the neighborhood kids play in his patrol car. Others remember how patient he was with the children.

Michael Castaneda said, "The kids ran through it like it was a jungle gym. He just laughed about it."

Goforth spent more than an hour with the children and their parents.

"That's something. That's genuine, you know? Shows a good person," said parent Eric White.

A good person. In a world where its so difficult to tell sometimes good from bad.
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