Defaced mural in Third Ward draws outrage from community

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A symbol of neighborhood pride is now the source of community outrage in Third Ward.

The mural on the corner of Blodgett and Dowling was defaced with graffiti and community members are upset.

"That's become somewhat of a hallmark of this area now," Dr. Tina Oliver said.

The mural, which says "Welcome to 3rd Ward," is right next door to Oliver's office.

"We've had problem with them tagging for a quite a while," Dr. Oliver said. "Our solution was to put that mural up to prevent that problem."

But the problem is back.

"It's heartbreaking, it's heartbreaking," a community member said.

On MLK Day, the mural was messed up by menaces. The taggers even spray painted over the artists name.

"That's just being disrespectful," another community member said.

But Dr. Oliver, other business owners and neighbors are coming together, hoping to preserve the history and the beauty of a place they call home.

And for the taggers who did this, there's a message from the Third Ward.

"I wouldn't come back and bother it once we repair it and refinish it. I wouldn't go back and bother it," a community member said. "Because this is Third Ward, and in Third Ward, you'll get a beat down." null
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