Pasadena daycare under fire after live stream reveals baby's treatment

PASADENA, TX (KTRK) -- A worker from a Pasadena daycare is under investigation for twice jerking a baby around, and both times it was captured on video.

The incidents happened at Texans Learning Center in Pasadena. The mother of 6-month-old Christian was shocked to see it.

"Seeing that, it killed me," the mother told Eyewitness News. She asked to remain anonymous.

The first video shows the baby's daycare worker yank his arm up and swing him back onto his chair. She then gives him a bottle and moves on. In the second video, she jerks his head back to keep him from sitting up.

"He's so small, I don't understand. Why? Why did she do this to him?" she asked.

The video was from last Thursday around lunch. Parents of children at the daycare can watch them remotely. Christian's mother watched from work. On Friday, she confronted the daycare and then reported the incident to Pasadena police.

"I want her to be punished for it," the mother added.

According to daycare director, Arcilia Aranda, the worker has been fired. They have reported the incident to Texas Child Care Licensing and are cooperating with the police investigation.

"As a parent myself, I wouldn't want that either. It's good she (the mother) brought the video to our attention. It was pretty bad," said Aranda.

Christian isn't going back to the daycare and his mother hopes the worker never goes back to any child care again.

"She shouldn't be around kids. She couldn't handle it. I don't feel should be around kids, at all," the mother said.

Pasadena police confirm they are investigating the allegations. Eyewitness News is not identifying the worker because she has not been charged with a crime.

According to state records, in the last two years, Texans Learning Center has had eight inspections resulting in 14 deficiencies, five of which were considered high risk. The high risk ones included deficiencies in the area of caregiver responsibilities, specifically the ability to demonstrate competency, good judgment and self control.

Gwen Carter with Texas Child Care Licensing says workers will follow-up this week about the latest incident.
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