Couple holds burglar at gunpoint after break-in through roof

MAGNOLIA, TX (KTRK) -- Two men are in custody after allegedly burglarizing a Magnolia family's home.

Around 3am Tuesday, the Spann family woke up to their motion detectors going off. Someone had tripped the sensor in their garage.

The family said they went outside to find one suspect on the roof of their garage and the other already inside. The family said the suspects had broken in by ripping off an attic vent so they could drop in through the opening. The suspect on the roof fled the scene.

The wife, who is nine months pregnant, said her husband confronted the burglar inside the garage and came to blows with him. She called the police and ran to retrieve the family's gun. She said she held the suspect at gunpoint while they waited for police to come.

"This is my house, and this involves my kids and I'll do what it takes to protect them," said Krystal Spann.

Police said they were able to question the first suspect, who gave the location where the second suspect was hiding. Police said they checked out that address and found the second suspect as well as a stolen dirt bike, which had been taken in a separate incident Sunday night.

Police say the first suspect had to go to the hospital for his injuries. Both suspects are now in custody.

The family said they knew one of the suspects and could not believe they had invited him over to the house before. They said the first suspect is the older brother of one of their kids' friends.
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