Georgia brothers accused of attempting to kill their parents

GWINNETT COUNTY, GA (KTRK) -- Two brothers in Georgia are both in jail after police say they tried to kill their parents and possibly burn their house down, police tell ABC affiliate WSB-TV.

Police say Yvonne Ervin called 911 when her sons Cameron, 17, and Christopher, 22, began to attack.

"She stated to our 911 operator that her sons were trying to kill her and her husband," said police Sgt. Rich Long. "There was commotion in the background and then the line went silent."

Yvonne told police she was only able to make the 911 call because her husband managed to distract both boys.

"The husband was distracting the sons. That's probably the life-saving move from this," Long told WSB-TV. "Had she not been able to make that 911 call, it's very uncertain what would have happened."

When police arrived at the home, they saw the older son and the father emerge from the garage. They say the father, Zachary Ervin, had been stabbed.

They then went into the home and found Yvonne seriously injured. Both parents will be okay.

Officers also say the two sons tampered with home's gas line in what police believe was an attempt to burn the house down.

"There was a strong odor of natural gas in the home, apparently there was an attempt by the sons to instigate a fire in the house," said Long.

Both sons were taken into custody without incident, but police say a motive behind the attack is still unclear. Both brothers are expected to appear in court sometime this week.
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