Bitter fight over after-hours club takes center stage in court

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A bitter fight between a downtown Houston club and county leaders played out in court Monday morning.

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan wants a temporary injunction against the after-hours club Kryptonite. The state is calling the establishment "a drug haven." Club attorneys fired back and said they're working to prevent such activity.

"This is not the usual business. Do they expect us to think it's normal for there to be constant drug use at a business?" said Melissa Spinks with the Harris County Attorney's Office. "It's a business that thrives on attracting very young people into that club. It's very dangerous."

"We're tried to work with the county to institute measures to prevent drug use," said Kypronite attorney Rod Drinnon. "Unfortunately if somebody wants to bring something in their bra or underwear there is very little we can do."

The hearing is expected to last for two days.
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