Here's where you can get your Neapolitan pizza cooked in 90 seconds

Saturday, February 29, 2020
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Pizza lovers, have you checked this place out?

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Bill Hutchinson started making pizzas in his backyard as a hobby.

He quickly realized his pies had taste and decided to open up Pizaro's Pizza in the memorial area, 10 years ago.

Pizaro's makes three styles of pizza: the classic Neapolitan, the Detroit and New York style.

"I was going through a little change of life in the corporate gig and I decided, how cool would it be to bring pizza back old school and do it how they did it 100 years ago," said Bill Hutchinson, the founder of Pizaro's Pizza.

If you want to explore your kitchen skills or try something different on date night, Pizaro's offers three types of classes on the weekends.

"We have our pizza making class. Which is standard, kinda learning how to make a pizza and top it. We also have a dough making class, where you get to learn how make the dough from the very beginning process. And, we just introduced our oven cooking class," Explained Nicole Bean, the owner of Pizaro's.

Pizaro's Pizza: 11177 Katy Fwy, Houston

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