How to find the right pair of shades

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It's time for you to up your sunglasses wardrobe, but you're unsure where to begin. Let's face it, not all shades are created equal, and the right color, size and style is different for all of us. Image Consultant Natalie Weakly simplifies how pick the perfect pair of sunglasses for us.

Your face is your money maker, don't distract with the wrong style!

1.Quick tutorial of how to find your face shape

You can go old school and measure your face at your forehead, cheek, and jaw but the easiest way to determine your face shape is to pull your hair back from around your face, grab a dry eraser marker, and draw the outline of your face in a mirror.

Examples for each of the main shapes: round, square, oval, heart

1.Round face - full cheeks, rounded chin, equal length and width
-Look for strong details, wider than tall lenses, nosepads to keep off cheeks
-Styles: Wayfarer, Cat-eye, Square

2.Square - prominent jawline, angular features, wide forehead
-Look for round or upswept shapes, thinner frames, neutral colors
-Styles: Round, Aviator, Shield, Butterflies

3.Oval - balance features, high cheekbones, chin narrower than forehead
-Look for bold shapes, fun colors and textures, size that maintains balance
-Styles: Wayfarer, Cat-Eye, Oversized, Butterflies

4.Heart - broad forehead, pointed/narrow chin, high cheekbones

-Look for frames wider than forehead, details on lower half, light colors
-Styles: Wayfarer, Cat-eye, Sport, Butterflies

3.General rule of thumb, with the exception of a heart-shape face, don't match your frame shape to your face shape. Use sunglass shape to add balance and proportion to your face.

4.The thing about color.
Colored lenses are a huge trend right now. Stick with colors that look best with your coloring and know the brighter the color, the more attention the glasses get!

5.A look in the mirror may not tell the whole story of how the shades fit. Take a picture of yourself to get the full fit effect. Try it with your hair down and up to see how the variations effect fit (especially when trying oversize styles).
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