Man caught on camera walking into store naked to get coffee

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Monday, July 22, 2019
Surveillance video shows naked man walk into coffee shop
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Surveillance video shows naked man walk into coffee shop.

BENNINGTON, Vermont (KTRK) -- A coffee shop in Vermont promises to make its customers "feel right at home," but one customer took that notion a bit too seriously.

He entered the shop the same way he entered the world, naked.

Security footage shows the naked man walking into "Bringing You Vermont" Wednesday. He asked the cashier where the coffee was.

In a calm motion, she directed the man to a self-serve pot of coffee toward the back of the store before returning to the counter.

"He asked, 'Where's a good place to go swimming?' and she directed him to a good area," shop owner Ryan Hassett said. "He paid for his coffee and out the door he went."

Police tracked the man down before he made it to his swimming spot. After asking when he removed his clothes, it was decided that no arrest could be made.

The state of Vermont only recognizes nudity as a crime if someone disrobes in a public space or touches themselves. Simply being naked, however, is completely legal.

While it may not be illegal, Hassett isn't encouraging people to take advantage of the law.

"I have no problem with somebody acting natural, but I'm not encouraging people to come into our establishment au naturel," Hassett said.


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