Local Muslims doing their part to help stop radicalization

HOUSTON (KTRK) -- A local terrorism expert is comparing Islamic extremist recruiters to sexual predators, saying terrorism is more of a law enforcement issue than a religious issue.

"For a long time, we've looked at this as a faith based issue and as long as we continue to look at it that way, we're probably not going to find a solution," said Mustafa Tameez. "This is a law enforcement problem. ISIS uses the same tools, the same tactics, as sexual predators, as gangs have used for decades."

Tameez was a consultant to the Department of Homeland Security under the Bush Administration. He now works with the State Department and local law enforcement agencies. His work focuses on the recruiter, not so much the recruited.

"They start building relationships with people that seem lost, that seem like they're looking for someone," he described.

Tameez says it usually takes close to 10,000 personal emails back and forth with a recruiter before somebody will agree to join. But there is no accurate way to predict who will radicalize.

"I mean, the United States government, all Western powers, don't know how to deal with ISIL, so how will a small local community?" he asked.
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