Muslim couple speaks out after being escorted out of Arkansas mall

FORT SMITH, AR (KTRK) -- A Muslim couple in Arkansas says they didn't do anything wrong after they were asked to leave a mall over the weekend.

A police report indicates they were asked to leave after someone reported seeing them videotaping store entrances.

KFSM reports mall policy says visitors are not allowed to record inside of the mall without permission.

Alan Crawford says he didn't see the sign.

Crawford and his wife Daphne are of the Islamic faith. They were dressed in thobe and hijab at the mall when they were asked to leave.

Crawford said he "volunteered happily" to leave.

A reporter asked Crawford, "Are you planning an attack on Central Mall?"

He replied, "Well, I would probably actually destroy a bacon cheese burger or some fries with bacon on them. But I mean, really two weeks before this, we went to the mall when we were scouting out the mall the first time quote unquote, we ate a load of bacon cheese fries which ISIS would happily kill me before because I read in my book I'm not supposed to eat bacon and I did it anyway."

Pictures of Crawford and his family being escorted out by police have been posted to Facebook and other posts about a terrorist attack have been posted and shared more than 2,000 times, KFSM reports.

Alan and Daphne are the same couple seen in a flyer being circulated on Facebook that calls them a threat and says people should alert authorities if they're spotted.

Alan Crawford said, "We have the First Amendment right to freedom of religion, or are you just going to get over it that somebody told a lie and we are being punished for it."

Police say the Crawfords didn't break any laws, so there will be no charges, KFSM reports.

The family says they have been mistreated by the community for a while, including someone planting bombs in their yard. They say they plan to move away.
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