Gov. Abbott launches 'Murder Hornet' task force

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Thursday, May 7, 2020
Gov. Abbott launches 'Murder Hornet' task force
The state is preparing to educate the public on the potentially detrimental effect the hornets could have on Texas agriculture.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced plans for a task force to battle the "Murder Hornets" that have been making headlines recently.

The task force will be led by Texas A&M AgriLife experts to protect honey bees right here in Texas by informing the public what to look out for.

The giant Asian hornets are a predator to honey bees and ruthlessly decimate bee hives.

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There are concerns about the impact the hornets could have on our food supply.

"If you eat fruits and vegetable that have color other than white, so potatoes don't count, for example, it's been pollinated by an insect," one AgriLife expert said.

The hornets are more than just a threat to honey bees, they're also a threat to humans. Their sting is seven times more powerful than a bee sting due to their enormous size.