MKT Distillery's new signature item is saving lives in the community

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Tuesday, July 21, 2020
Katy distillery's new signature item saving lives
"In creating a distillery, we didn't want a distillery just for us, we wanted it for the city of Katy, our adoptive city."

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- A distiller in Katy delayed producing a signature liquor when the pandemic hit to create a new recipe to help save lives.

MKT Distillery CEO, Nick Jessett is busy working on a new item. He just never guessed it would be this.

"We're going to do it as long as there's a need," Jessett said. A few months ago, Jessett was getting ready to launch a different kind of signature.

"Our conductor's reserve is the first bourbon in Texas, and it may be the first bourbon in the U.S. that has a rice component," Jessett explained.

Jessett's business also offers other alcohol, including gin, vodka, and moonshine, ranging from $20 to $45.

"That's the great part about having a distillery, you get to taste test everything," Jessett joked.

But four years into the business, there's another recipe gaining attention that's not made for consumption. "We have done 3,000 gallons of it," Jessett said.

The liquid is alcohol, and even stores in a signature MKT Distillery bottle. For months, Jessett's given it to other owners, customers, and law enforcement members. But it isn't something they can drink.

It's sanitizer to help them stay safe during the pandemic. "We haven't made any money off of this process," Jessett said. "We do this to protect our community."

Jessett got the idea in March, and contacted other distillers for their help. "They stopped and gave me their full recipe," Jessett recalled. "That was surprising."

The distillery gives first responders gallon containers, other businesses bottles, and customers get a smaller take home container on the weekends.

Prior to the pandemic, MKT Distillery was preparing to roll out its new signature drink. What Jessett didn't realize, customers would get it.

Alcohol in the form of saving lives. "We're going to do it as long as there is a demand, and a need," Jessett explained.

The sanitizer is free. All first responders have to do is contact MKT to get a free container at

As for the alcohol you can drink, right now you can only buy it at the distillery. However, Jessett hopes to have it on store shelves in the next couple months.

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