Animal shelter volunteers make it possible for pets to find forever homes

MISSOURI CITY, Texas (KTRK) -- The Missouri City animal shelter aims to find forever homes, but it wouldn't be possible without those who volunteer and give pets love.

It can be loud inside the Missouri City Animal Shelter, but don't let the barking fool you.

The animals are just looking to show a little love. In order to take one home, you first must fill out an application.

The shelter can hold about 30 dogs. One of those is Mushoe, whose super power is being cute.

"He likes being out in the yard even though the grass is almost higher than him," Missouri City animal services manager, Taborah Goffney explained.

There's also Gloria, a two-year-old Rottweiler-Shepard mix who loves to show affection.

"Her super power is she loves to give kisses, and she is very investigative as you can see," Goffney explained.

The animals at this shelter are either lost, or caught by animal control. In addition to the kennels, there's also an outdoor area.

"Animals can walk to take them out," Goffney said. "At least once a day. The amount depends on how many volunteers we have lined up that day."

There are more than 20 active volunteers who walk dogs, play with kittens, and bring animals to adoption events.

"We definitely need people because the officers are out on call and doing the important work of getting the animals here," Missouri City Animal Shelter volunteer, Jennifer Gibbons said. "So, we need people who can socialize with the dogs and make them ready for their new home."

If you become a volunteer, you'll see just how much these dogs love to socialize and let you know it.

"I love the people here," Gibbons said. "I love the animals, and I like making a difference."

If you're interested in either volunteering or adopting, there's information on Missouri City's website.

The shelter also has other ways you can help through donated goods. The shelter is open Monday through Saturday.

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