62-year-old man is forced to kill rattlesnakes after being trapped for 2 days in mine

AGUILA, Arizona (KTRK) -- Maricopa County Sheriff's Office search and rescue crews have saved a man who fell into a mine shaft 100 feet deep.

John Waddell, 62, was found Wednesday by his friend, but had been there since Monday.

Waddell was out exploring in western Arizona when he apparently slipped down a 100-foot-deep mine shaft.

Before he left for his hike, Waddell told his friend to come searching for him if he was not back by Wednesday, and that's exactly what happened.

Terry Shrader, Waddell's friend, did not hear from him so he decided to pull up his truck and begin the search. As soon as he arrived he began to hear his friend scream for help.

Within the two days Waddell was in this shaft, there was no source of food or water and he had to kill a total of three rattlesnakes, says his friend.

"He's a tough guy. He'll be okay," said Shrader.

Since the rescue, Waddell has been hospitalized and is said to have multiple broken bones but no life-threatening injuries.
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