Houston Astros stars sign off on new addition Michael Brantley

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Monday, February 18, 2019
Astros stars sign off on addition of Michael Brantley
When the 'Stros front office polled their veterans on adding Michael Brantley, the results were unanimous in favor of the All-Star outfielder.

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (KTRK) -- Every team has some kind of roster turnover from season to season, but with their recent success, the Houston Astros have mostly kept their team the same.

This winter, when the team had an opportunity to sign a 3-time All-Star outfielder, the Astros front office polled their veterans before the signing.

The results came back unanimously in favor of adding Michael Brantley to the squad.

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Brantley is just one of many who reported to Florida on Sunday as the team gears up for full squad workouts.

ABC13 Sports Director Greg Bailey is with the Astros as they prepare for their first Spring Training game against the Washington Nationals on Saturday, Feb. 24.

Here's some of what the players and coaches said on the first full of practice:

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