Advice from Lottery Lawyer: 'get quiet and get organized'

With a Mega Millions lottery jackpot of about a billion dollars up for grabs, a lot of gamblers are pondering big-ticket questions!

Legal experts say get your financial ducks in a row before you start spreading to word about winning.

The chance of winning such large prizes also raises the question who should you tell first if you win?

According to an attorney who calls himself the "Lottery Lawyer," it is not your family and friends.

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Jason Kurland says the first things you want to do after you get rich is get quiet and get organized.

"Secure it right away. Sign the back of that ticket put it in a safety deposit box. Call a lottery lawyer such as myself. We'll set you up with a financial plan and then you can go forward," Kurland said.

Kurland has represented 30 lottery winners in recent years.

He says winners usually receive calls right away from long-lost friends, family members and charities so it's best to be prepared.
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