Rodeo Goat in EaDo names burger after ABC13's Marvin Zindler

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- For those long-time ABC13 fans, many of you might remember Eyewitness News investigative journalist, Marvin Zindler. Did you know there's an eatery in East Downtown that's been celebrating him in a unique and delicious way?

If you haven't been to Rodeo Goat, you may want to swing by sometime soon and place an order for the Marvin Zindler burger.

"So many grew up watching him on the news. So a lot of their reactions is Eyewitness News! Everybody loves Marvin Zindler around here," Rodeo Goat manager Michael Chumbley said.

Stacked tall, with a variety of sides to choose from, it's a meal you won't walk away hungry from.

"The Marvin Zindler has a pickle chutney on it. We make that from scratch along with our other sauces. It's got a homemade fried onion ring on it. Just everything made from scratch makes it a really good burger," said Chumbley.

The folks over at Rodeo Goat tell ABC13 this is one of the most popular burgers on their menu.

You can find out more on Rodeo Goat's website.


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