Prized custom rifle stolen from local Marine's truck

THE WOODLANDS, TX -- A former Marine was one step away from creating the gun of his dreams when it was stolen out of his truck.

Erik Morgan had been building the customized rifle for months when someone smashed the window of his truck and took it. It happened last week as he was eating lunch at Olive Garden on I-45 just south of The Woodlands.

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office deputies told him a military sticker on the back window of his truck may have attracted the thief.

"Sometimes former military or law enforcement are targets because they think they can come away with a weapon," Morgan told Eyewitness News.

Where he was parked may have made him a target, too. The freeway makes for an easy getaway.

Morgan is also frustrated by the lack of security cameras at the restaurant.

"I don't think the gun will be recovered. At this point, I just wish Olive Garden would get some type of security," Morgan said.

On Monday night, a restaurant manager said she could not comment.

Meantime, Morgan has spent hours reaching out to area pawn shops and gunsmiths, notifying them about the theft so they can be on the lookout. The gun has an AR-15 platform and is worth about $2,200.

Morgan just received the last piece to complete it, and says it was in his truck only because he was taking it to his friend's house that night to have it assembled.

"Definitely a punch in the gut," Morgan said.

Anyone with information is urged to call the Montgomery County Sheriff's Office.