Crooks seen getting away with TV on motorcycle in Manvel

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
Crooks make odd getaway with stolen TV on motorcycle
ABC13's Marla Carter has more on a bizarre crime that saw the crooks try to get away with a stolen TV on a motorcycle.

MANVEL, Texas (KTRK) -- It's definitely not something you see every day: a 50-inch TV sandwiched between two men on a motorcycle.

But that's just what drivers saw in Manvel on Monday afternoon.

Surveillance video shows two men arrive at a home on a motorcycle.

Brazoria County deputies say thieves knocked on a woman's front door. When she didn't answer, they went to the back patio.

Surveillance video shows the crooks look around and open a cabinet. Inside, there was a TV that had been drilled in to the cabinet. The crooks ripped it out and took off.

Video captures them riding off with the TV in tow on the motorcycle.

From there, there were sightings of the duo all over the area, from Manvel to FM 1462, to Alvin. Some residents thought it was so strange to see a large TV traveling on a motorcycle, drivers snapped photos and others took video.

Brazoria County deputies say they followed the thieves but lost them. They are still looking for them and they hope the surveillance video helps find the thieves.

"Those people just need to be put away, you know, just taken to jail, because you can't steal from everyone and do whatever you want," said Christopher Canales, a resident.

If you recognize the men or have any information that can help in the case, you're ask to call the Brazoria County Sheriff's Office at 979-846-2441 or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-460-2222.

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