Man dies after falling out of moving car following argument in north Houston

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Friday, June 3, 2022
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Police said when a woman took off in a Chevy Impala, a man jumped in the driver's side window, but ended up falling out, hitting the pavement and suffering a fatal head injury.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Houston police say a fight in north Houston turned deadly overnight, and now they're searching for a woman who allegedly drove away after a man fell from her moving car.

Police believe the fight initially unfolded at a convenience store at Irvington and Kelly around 1 a.m. Friday.

According to HPD, several people were involved in a back and forth argument, possibly over a car being stolen.

A woman took off in a Chevy Impala, and police said a man jumped into the driver's side window.

The man, who police said was in his 50s, ended up falling out of the woman's window, hitting the pavement and suffering a fatal head injury.

The Impala continued on, and a relative of the deceased man caught up with the car and intentionally crashed into it, according to HPD.

Investigators said there are still a lot of details to figure out about exactly what happened, but it will start with tracking down the people involved.

"There's a female we believe was possibly driving the car that ran away. Again, from what they're telling us, maybe she possibly had a reason to run away. I don't know," Lt. R. Willkens said. "They were trying to get her... this individual was jumping in her car. So, we're asking her to come back to the scene. We have a good idea of where she may be at."

HPD said most of the people involved in the initial chaos at the convenience store live up and down Kelley Street.

Right now, investigators say it is too early to tell if the woman was fleeing for her safety, or if she was committing a crime.

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