MAGA hat-wearing man shows up at New Zealand massacre vigil

TORONTO, Canada (KTRK) -- College students in peaceful prayer to remember the Christchurch, New Zealand mosque victims say a person in a "Make America Great Again" hat showed up in an apparent attempt of disrupting the vigil.

Video posted on Twitter stated the backpack-wearing man appeared as York University students prayed on Monday, a mere three days after the mass shooting that took the lives of 50 people.

According to Raneem Ayoub's post, the man showed up "on purpose" and said the vigil was "meaningless" before other students made him leave.

"The man in the cap did not attend the vigil until the very ending of the event when it was being finished off with a prayer," Ayoub said in her tweets. "During the prayer, he was arguing with the two men next to him. Everyone else at the vigil ignored him until the vigil was officially over (out of respect of the victims and the event). No one approached him and disturbed the vigil until it was finished."

An original clip posted on the day of the incident was taken down over negative comments from other users. A longer video clip was later posted, showing the man leaving and another student knocking the hat off his head.

There was no immediate report of any law enforcement intervention.

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