8-18-18 expected to be the most popular wedding day this year

BELMONT, California -- If you've looked at the calendar lately, the upcoming date of 8-18-18, may have caught your eye. For some, the number eight itself is considered lucky, which is why many couples have planned their weddings for this weekend.

China Village Seafood Restaurant in Belmont was booked more than a year in advance for a wedding party this Saturday, and has since turned away 20 couples who wanted the same date.

"The wife will yell hey, you forgot our wedding day," said China Village owner Benny Lau. "But no, 8-18 is easy to remember, haha."

In some cultures, the number eight is traditionally associated with luck, as well as balance. At Tuxedo Fashions in San Jose, rentals are up more than 100 percent this week compared to the same time last year.

"It's an auspicious set of numbers in the Asian community (and) in the Jewish community," said Bart Willner, Tuxedo Fashions manager. "One fella even said to me yesterday that the eights are like an infinity symbol."

Due to popular demand, even the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder's office will be open on Saturday for weddings.

"As soon as it went out that we were available, we were inundated with calls, and the spots went fairly quickly," said Jim Irizarry with the San Mateo County Clerk-Recorder's Office. "As a result, we decided to keep it open a couple hours longer, for those on a first-come, first-served basis."

Sales are also up at Rin's Bridal in San Carlos. While it's likely too late to get in on the 8-18 action for 2018, now would be good time to start nailing down details for future weddings.

"I would suggest that they book all the venues, the dress, photographers, everything at least a year in advance," said Rin's Bridal owner Rin Pua.

The Knot, an online wedding marketplace, says nearly 30,000 couples are registered through its website for a wedding this coming Saturday.
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