Long Island makes history by hosting first-ever KiKi Ball to benefit an LGBTQ charity

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Wednesday, December 11, 2019
Long Island makes history by holding first-ever KiKi Ball
Long Island non-profit, Pride for Youth, brought the ballroom scene to Suffolk County giving the LGBT community experience of a lifetime.

BELLMORE, New York -- History was made on Long Island when participants strutted their best looks, demonstrated their fiercest walks, and experienced Long Island's first ever KiKi Ball.

The majority of the ballroom scene takes place in New York City, but a Long Island non-profit, Pride for Youth, wanted to throw their own so that everyone in the LGBTQ community on Long Island could display their individuality and artistic expression like never before.

"There are all these barriers on Long Island that keep the community underground and Pride for Youth that's not what we're about," said Project Director, Devon Zappasodi. "We want to showcase the strength, the diversity and the beauty of the community."

The journey towards Long Island's first ball luckily came with some "voguing" lessons taught by instructor Devante London.

"It's about being confident, so even if your vogue isn't what you see on YouTube, it's about confidence and selling that," said London. "Your vogue is your vogue and doesn't have to be somebody else's and that's kind of the purpose of it, to express yourself."

The participants at the ball were open to compete in all categories, which were: face, vogue, runway and best dressed.

Ordinarily, at KiKi Balls, you have to submit beforehand on which categories you are to compete in. However, this was a brand new experience to all, so they decided to keep it casual and let everyone join in on the legendary night.

"It's like a field of dreams sort of thing if you build it they will come," said participant, Shavaughn Peterson. "We need to let these little queer kids across Long Island know that they are not alone."

Pride for Youth has now made the vogue beginners class a monthly event for those who want to learn and see if they got what it takes to compete in the next ball!


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