Houston Astros ace Lance McCullers, Jr. opens up about his World Series game plan

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Tuesday, November 1, 2022
Astros Lance McCullers' wife wants to be 'buried in the H' too
ABC13 caught up with Kara McCullers ahead of the World Series kickoff. She shared with us everything from wanting to stay in the H to how she dealt with the haters in New York.

HOUSTON, Texas -- Lance McCullers, Jr. is seriously busy.

The 2022 World Series is underway, a staggering fourth appearance by the Houston Astros in the past six years. Not surprisingly, the team is in go-time mode, facing the Philadelphia Phillies. The entire city is buzzing with a "this is our year" frenzy, and it seems every third local is sporting an Astros jersey.

A veteran, team-first, clubhouse leader and pivotal pitching presence in the Astros' playoff run, McCullers is ready for the task.

But first, the fiery, never-back-down star who boasts a nationwide army of fans and also one of the nastiest sliders and curveballs in Major League Baseball, has to tackle another major task -- one that demands the famously focused McCullers' undivided attention. It's serious.

What held McCullers' attention so fiercely? Continue reading this article from our partners at Houston CultureMap to find out.

The video featured above is from an ABC13 interview with Kara McCullers .


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