Kingwood teens flood devastated neighborhoods with kindness after Imelda

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Sunday, September 22, 2019
Kingwood teens team up to help after Imelda
Kingwood teens team up to help after Imelda

KINGWOOD, Texas (KTRK) -- Hours after Imelda hit, a group of high school swimmers in Kingwood sprang into action to begin the clean-up process in homes.

"Why sit at home when there are a bunch of people out here struggling, when we could be there helping them get all their stuff out?" Kingwood Park senior Luisa Alcala said.

The group found themselves at Jessica Escobar's home, where she lives with her two younger sisters and her parents.

She said this is the second time this year their Elm Grove home flooded.

The first time was in May.

Escobar said they were almost finished rebuilding when the water started pouring in on Thursday.

"When we first got in here, it was all soaking wet," Alcala said. "Their couches were everywhere. Their mattresses, their clothes, everything was sopping wet."

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The high school swimmers ripped out drywall and carried wet insulation and furniture out of the home.

"Honestly, within the blink of an eye, everything was out and it was really a big relief," Escobar said.

The group worked to clean-up at least five houses on Friday.

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