Moody Gardens gets new King penguin chick for Valentine's Day

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The Moody Gardens Aquarium received a sweet surprise just in time for Valentine's Day: a King penguin chick!

"Our staff is thrilled to start February with a new penguin chick and it makes Valentine's Day that much more special," said assistant curator Diane Olsen.

The new penguin is now being cared for by its mother and father.

The chick's father is Professor, one of the first King penguins to arrive at Moody Gardens. He was born in 1998. The chick's mother is named Fischer, and she used to call San Antonio's Sea World home.

The new family is doing well now, but previously, the Aquarium noticed some territorial issues in the South Atlantic penguin exhibit. Two male pairs of King penguins were being territorial of some land near the new chick, so the family was moved to a separate area until the new chick is old enough to leave the nest.
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