Katy family gives birth to quadruplets and hopes to find big enough van to fit their family

Saturday, July 23, 2022
Katy family gives birth to quadruplets hoping to find van to fit their family
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The family is hoping there is a van for them that will allow them to make multiple trips from Katy to the Med center for doctor's appointments.

KATY, Texas (KTRK) -- Gabriela and Patrick Hagler thought how perfect it would be to add one more baby to their family of five. Instead, they got the shock of their lives when the technician started counting during their first ultrasound. They were told they weren't only expecting one baby, but four.

One month after giving birth, they are all finally home and out of the NICU, but now find themselves in need of a little help getting a big enough van to help their family get around.

The Hagler family told ABC13 it was a miracle, as all four babies, Adam, Bennet, Colby and Dane, slept peacefully not making a sound.

Baby A, B, C and D, as they were referred to in the womb, are miracle babies on all accounts. When the Haglers initially decided they wanted to try for one more baby, the couple suffered a miscarriage before getting pregnant with quadruplets.

"Hmm, hmm, multiple angles, I thought it was multiple angles of the one baby...and then she started counting. And she got all excited and was like, 'Oh wait, four,'" the Haglers said.

Married for four years, Gaby and Patrick each brought a child from previous marriages to their new family, 12-year-old Paxton and 13-year-old Kalleigh. They quickly became a family of five with the addition of their son Sammy who is now almost 3 years old.

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The family bought a van when Sammy was born for their growing family. But with four new babies, they are now in desperate need for an even bigger vehicle. They are hoping to find a 15-person passenger van to get their entire family around.

A GoFundMe was set up to help the family. The Haglers tried to bid on a van from Georgia at an auction, but were outbid.

"Any dealerships or any lots that have a 15-passenger van...we would definitely put that to good use. We just want to be able to fit our family in a vehicle," the couple said.

The Haglers are hoping there is another van out there for them right now, as they have to make multiple trips from Katy to the medical center for doctor's appointments, in addition to just getting around for normal errands as a family.

They are hoping there is a local dealership or lot that can help them out.

To help the family you can find their GoFundMe here.

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