Judge sentences teen to paint railings with toothbrush after vandalizing building

CLEVELAND, Ohio (KTRK) -- A judge gave a teen who was arrested for vandalism a choice between jail or painting a building's railing.

It was a hot day to serve any sentence, but given the heat, it beat 10 days in jail that spray painting graffiti on a railroad caboose could have earned Avery White.

There were precautions like water, sunscreen, a mask, gloves and a paintbrush.

Judge Michael Cicconetti sentenced White to painting a building with a toothbrush for vandalizing a railroad caboose.

"Somebody will think twice, maybe they're going to vandalize something or paint something else. The message is here. This could be you," chief probation officer Dave Washlock told WOIO.

It was likely not an accident that White showed up for his punishment in a shirt that was spray painted with graffiti like swirls and shoes.

Judge Cicconetti wanted to make a change with Avery's punishment.

"I walked in there fully expecting to to go to jail. I was relieved when I found out he was going to do a creative sentencing option," White said.

In case White ever had trouble remembering his lesson, Washlock sent him home with a souvenir. The toothbrush.

Judge Cicconetti is known for creative sentencing. He once sentenced a man to mowing grass with a manual mower when the man mowed obscenities into a school lawn.

Another time, he ordered a thief who stole a life preserver to hand out fliers about preventing drownings.
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