Las Vegas welcomes Jimmy Kimmel home for week of talk shows

ByGeorge Pennacchio KTRK logo
Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Jimmy Kimmel brings late night talk show to Las Vegas
A-list guests are helping Jimmy Kimmel celebrate his Las Vegas homecoming.

LAS VEGAS -- "Jimmy Kimmel Live" began a week of shows on April 1 from Las Vegas. It's where the late night host grew up.

"Bringing the show to Vegas is something I've always wanted to do, probably from the first year of the show," said Kimmel.

It's taken 16 years, but the stage has been set for Kimmel to broadcast from the Zappos Theatre at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino. His guests include Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Seth Rogen and singer James Taylor, who has been a favorite of Kimmel's since he was a kid. Plus, some hometown favorites.

"I really felt like I didn't want to do this show here without 'The Killers' because, like me, they grew up in Las Vegas and they love the city in the same way that I do," said Kimmel. "Las Vegas is not just 'The Strip.' There's a lot more to do so that definitely those guys. I'm excited about the fact that they're on the show."

Kimmel is also putting down new roots in Vegas. He'll soon be opening "Jimmy Kimmel's Comedy Club."

"I've put a lot of work into this comedy club," said Kimmel. "I'm very involved in designing the menu and I want to make sure the food at the comedy club--there are no utensils. It's all food you can eat with your hands because I hate the sound of clinking forks on plates when you're trying to do a comedy show."

You can see "Jimmy Kimmel Live" late nights on ABC.