FIGHT THE BITES: How to treat common insect bites during the summer

Summertime means more opportunities for an insect bite, and it's not just the mosquitoes you have to worry about.

Let's take a look at the three most common insect bites and how to treat them:

These bites are normal this time of year. If you do get bitten by a tick, the most common symptoms are flu-like and occasionally include a rash. Most tick bites can be treated with antibiotics, but you will need to go to a doctor.


These bites are most common in households with a family pet. You'll know you've been bitten if you see little red bumps. Often they will appear in clumps of three. It's important not to scratch your bite. Instead, take an antihistamine or use topical ointments.

If you're in the grass a lot, you're likely to find some ants. Not only do these bites hurt, they sting. The best thing to do is wash with soap and water, then put ice in a wash cloth and hold for 10 minutes. For more severe bites, antihistamines work here too.
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