Brazilian superstar Anitta on TikTok's 'In the Mix' concert coming to Hulu, Disney+

BySandy Kenyon OTRC logo
Wednesday, December 13, 2023
Superstar Anitta on her success, Hulu, Disney+ special | The Sitdown
The show in Arizona breaks new ground as a "music experience from TikTok."

NEW YORK -- Last Sunday, Dec. 10, tens of thousands of music fans gathered in Mesa, Arizona for a concert featuring Charlie Puth, Niall Horan, Cardi B., and Brazilian superstar Anitta.

Tens of millions more watched the live show on TikTok, which organized and streamed the concert under the banner "In the Mix."

On Friday, a one-hour compilation of the best moments from the event will be available on Disney+ and Hulu.

"You'll be falling in love with the girl from Rio," Anitta sang at Coachella.

She was famous first in her native Brazil and then came all of South America, and now, the world, thanks in large part to TikTok. Anitta credits it with making her a superstar.

"If you are like me, big in my country, but starting to explore other territories, I think it's a platform that helps you to go to spread your thing over to places that you couldn't even imagine," she said.

Her videos have been viewed more than 21 billion times. The devotion of her fans is obvious when so many of them try to imitate her moves.

"It was really fun to see the whole world jumping on my movements," Anitta said.

The show in Arizona this weekend breaks new ground as a "music experience from TikTok."

"You will feel that you are part of the experience when you are watching through your cell phone. I think it's a whole cultural thing to get together with all these people," Anitta said.

The stream will run for many hours and offer unprecedented access.

"TikTok is going to have all the content of the artists backstage, getting on stage, and all these things that people love to see. I mean, me particularly, I'm going to do all these things," Anitta said.

A big crowd is sure to be watching on the app.

What makes this truly special is that millions more will also be able to see her show next weekend on Hulu and Disney+.

"The TikTok is going to have the whole concert, the whole festival live for the hours and hours of the event. And the Hulu is going to have like a compilation of the best moments in the abbreviation of one hour," Anitta said.

All of which will help her create new memories for her fans.

Hulu and Disney+ are owned by the Walt Disney Co., which is the parent company of this station.