Emergency repairs at 610 West Loop northbound cause 2-lane closure at I-69

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Emergency repairs are being done in connection to the I-69/I-610 interchange project, causing a two-lane closure at the 610 West Loop northbound at I-69 until Saturday evening, according to TxDOT.

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TxDOT said last week crews had to move some lanes over to reconfigure for the project. Officials told ABC13 that the asphalt that was being used started to come apart for unknown reasons, making it unsafe for vehicles like motorcycles.

"Just trying to address it now versus later. Hoping to get it done tonight," said someone with TxDOT.

The I-69/I-610 interchange is a major connection point of two very busy highways serving drivers in the Houston area. According to TxDOT, some improvements being made include the following:

  • Reconstruction from one-lane connectors to two-lane connectors
  • Upgrade interchange to current design standards
  • Add shoulders on I-610 West main lane bridge
  • Increase vertical clearances
  • Increase sight distances
  • Add detention ponds
  • Eliminate major weaving

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