Queer ghost-hunters investigate the paranormal in Hulu's 'Living For the Dead'

Kristen Stewart narrates and executive produces this spooky new series about the supernatural

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Wednesday, October 18, 2023
Queer ghost-hunters tackle paranormal in Hulu's 'Living For the Dead'
Hulu's 'Living For The Dead' gives a new spin on ghost-hunting with a queer cast.

LOS ANGELES -- "It's all fun and games, until someone gets possessed."

That's exactly what the cast of "Living For the Dead" hopes doesn't happen in the locations they head to!

The show centers around five queer ghost hunters who road trip around the country to investigate some wild paranormal activity.

Kristen Stewart serves as the show's spooky narrator and guide who alerts our ghost hunters which location they'll be headed to.

She and Rob Eric, who's best known for the "Queer Eye" series, executive produced "Living For the Dead," and wanted to take a different approach to shows about the paranormal, starting with the cast.

Ken Boggle is the tarot card reader. Juju Bae is the self-described witch. Logan Taylor is the psychic medium. Alex LeMay is the tech expert. And Roz Hernandez is a paranormal researcher. All use their skills to bridge the living and the dead so they can (hopefully) live in harmony.

"We really are all talented," Juju Bae told On The Red Carpet." "We all know what we bring we all have very clear gifts that shine even beyond the show."

"I think there are times, we are five very different humans with very different personalities and past that have brought us here, but we are really a family," Logan Taylor said. "We're always sort of on the same wavelength and that's why we get the results we do whenever we go into this places."

"A lot of times, these paranormal shows will provoke a spirit in order to get a response," Rob Eric said. "I think what our team did so beautifully was not provoke the spirit, but actually try to understand what's going on. Why is the situation happening? Because at the end of the day you're there to help somebody else."

Roz Hernandez added that while the team uses their paranormal skills for good, there's another super power at work, helping those who might have some questions about the supernatural.

"We, especially, as queer people have a level of empathy for people not understanding you and we really like to try to connect with people and give them a safe space."

"Living For the Dead" is streaming now on Hulu.

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