Sylvester, meet Sylvester! Mayor Turner visits baby okapi named after him at Houston Zoo

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Wednesday, May 31, 2023
Mayor Turner meets baby calf named after him at Houston Zoo
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How cute! Sylvester, meet Sylvester. The mayor paid a visit to the Houston Zoo earlier this week to meet the calf named after him. Here's the reasoning behind it.

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- How cute! Sylvester, meet Sylvester. Mayor Sylvester Turner met a 1-month-old okapi named after him at the Houston Zoo on Tuesday.

The name means "forest dweller," which is where okapis can be found in their native range in Central Africa.

According to the Houston Zoo, the calf has a lot of spunk and has already doubled his birth weight.

The video above shows Mayor Turner on his visit earlier this week.

Because of their stripes, many people usually confuse them to be related to zebras, but they are the only distant relative to the giraffe. The Houston Zoo said the okapi is an endangered species found in the rainforests of Democratic Republic of Congo.

One cool thing about okapis is that not only do they use their tongues for grooming, but it can reach their eyeballs.

Guests can see Sylvester in the okapi yard, next to the bongos, every day until noon.