How contractors, self-employed can apply for unemployment without calling

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Self-employed individuals and contractors can avoid having to call unemployment, but others are still waiting for help.

Surrounded by the beauty of her backyard, Monique Jordan stared at the ugly truth. She applied for unemployment, but in order to get money, the documents tell her to call.

The number is constantly busy. Between having to protect herself from the deadly pandemic, and no money coming in, hit Jordan while she talked with ABC13's Nick Natario.

"It's been difficult," Jordan explained. "You call, and request payment, and get a number to dial."

But Jordan isn't the only one struggling.

Jaterrious Timber lost his job a month ago. This week he had hoped benefits would start to flow into his account. Instead, he received an eviction notice.

"I'm just feeling like (there's) no hope right now," Timber said. "I'm not getting any help. No one is hearing me."

The Texas Workforce Commission said a week ago, it received 3.4 million calls in a single day. It was only able to help 2,700 people, which is less than one percent.

To free lines, the agency started a seven day call schedule this week and it has added a thousand additional workers and three new call centers.

There's also new help for self-employed individuals and contractors. No longer do they have to call to submit wages, as they can do so by fax, mail, or email.

They can send 1040, Schedule C, F or SE to fax number, (512) 936-3250, mailing address, P.O. Box 149137, Austin, TX 78714-9137, or email,

The agency says so far, it's paid out more than $400 million but Jordan knows the number should be higher. Although she (Jordan) is struggling, she hopes her story will help others know they're not alone.

"Hold on, and God hasn't forgotten us, Jordan said. "Just hold on."

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