Some Texans fans still skeptical after blockbuster trades

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- The weekend trades are designed to help the Texans this year, and according Head Coach Bill O'Brien, for the future as well.

Meanwhile, some fans think this could end up being O'Brien's last season for the Texans.

"It's not just a plan to improve for 2019, but for years to come," O'Brien said to the media in his first public comments since the trade.

O'Brien is confident the trades made last week to bring in new players will fill voids and help keep the team on top of the AFC South. He knows what happens if the trades do not work out.

"We all know how we play and how much we win will determine our future and our success," O'Brien said

Fans we spoke to certainly are concerned about the upcoming season.

"I was kind of looking forward to the season, but I don't know if the trades they made were really smart," Justin Taylor said.

Taylor hopes the Texans make it back to the playoffs, but if the team struggles, he does not think O'Brien will be around at the end of the season.

"I think O'Brien is going to get fired if they don't do well. I think even halfway through the season if they don't do well, he's going to get fired," Taylor said.

Robert Munoz is also convinced a bad year for the Texans will be the end of the O'Brien era.

"It's kind of bleak right now, a lot of questions need to be answered," Munoz said.

"I really think so because we have given him a fair shake. Look around the league. He has won, but have not got over the hump," Munoz said.

Nearly every fan we spoke to sees this as a make or break year for the head coach.

Tin Dao said that if no improvements are made, O'Brien will have to go.

A lot of fans are concerned, and if you saw the pre-season games, you can understand why.

It is just pre-season, and the Texans did make moves to shore up the offensive line, the defensive backfield and, of course, at running back.

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