Houstonians trying their best to beat the heat

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- It's that time of the year, battling the Texas heat.

With each step and each sprint - fitness gurus tried to stay cool at Memorial Park Tuesday.

"I'd thought I'd give it a shot running outside today, but I'll probably work out inside for a while," Taylor Ryan said.

Most people we spotted at Memorial Park took breaks in the shady spots when they could, and aren't taking any chances when it comes to their health. Justin Moore has a cooler and a plan.

"I suffered a heat stroke when I was in high school, so it took a lesson for me to learn. Stay hydrated. I just wanted to tell all the people of Houston 'drink up and drink a lot of water,'" said Moore.
If you get heat exhaustion you'll feel faint or dizzy and have excessive sweating. You may also experience nausea or vomiting, have a weak or rapid pulse, muscle cramps and may have clammy skin.

A heat stroke is more severe. You'll have a throbbing headache without sweating. You could also get nauseous or vomit -- but your pulse will remain rapid, your body temperature will rise and you could lose consciousness.

Interfaith Ministries, which runs Meals On Wheels is holding a fan drive now through June 20 to help their clients. They say it's important to remember society's most vulnerable during this hot spell.
Check on your loved ones. Make sure they aren't getting overheated. If they do, it can be life-threatening.

"Our seniors are over the age of 60 and many of them have medical conditions that are exacerbated by the heat, so intensive, long exposure to the heat will really cause them to suffer medically," said Tabinda Ghani with Interfaith Ministries.

If you want to donate a box fan, you can drop one off at their office at 3202 San Jacinto in Midtown.
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