If you are planning to attend the rodeo this year, here are the easiest ways to navigate NRG Park

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- If you plan to take a trip to the rodeo this year, ABC13 is here to help you navigate through NRG Park and give you a few tips on parking.

There will be public parking lots available on site for $20. You can park in the Yellow lot off of Main Street and the 610 lot at the old Astroworld location. Public parking is also available in the North Stadium Drive lot.

If you prefer to let someone else do the driving, multiple Park N' Ride shuttles are accessible to you in remote lots. The locations for the remote lots are located at the Aramco services that are located on:

1. The South Loop
2. West Loop
3. Maxey
4. 2400 Reed Road
5. Monroe

The parking is free for the remote lots, but the shuttle tickets will be $4 to $7 a person.

The Metro Rail will also be available. Drivers will park at the Fannin South Station for $20 cash only. From there, passengers will take the red line to NRG Park. If you do take the Metro Rail, roundtrips will be free from that specific location.

If you plan on taking rideshares such as Lyft or Uber, pick-up and drop-off will be at the Yellow lot.

For those who are being dropped of by a friend or family member, it would be best to use Gate 9 at Kirby and West Ridge.

If you plan on taking a taxi, you will be be using the Teal Lot entrance off of Murworth Dr.

If you are feeling fancy and use a limo, pick-up and drop off will be at the Green Lot off of Lantern Point.

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