ABC13 pushes for answers weeks after crash involving ambulance and METRORail

Videos shows the ambulance crossing the rail tracks, seconds after turning its lights on.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2023
METRO closes ambulance crash investigation with no citations
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After weeks of pushing for answers, METRO says it closed an investigation into a crash involving a Houston ambulance and METRORail

HOUSTON, Texas (KTRK) -- ABC13 continues to push METRO and the Houston Fire Department for information weeks after an accident involving the METRORail and an HFD ambulance.

Video of the crash was released to Eyewitness News by METRO as a result of an open records request two weeks after the incident happened. In the video, you can see the ambulance, which is carrying a patient to the hospital, driving down Fannin Street in the same direction as the rail. The ambulance has no lights on until just before it turns onto Dryden.

The ambulance crosses the rail tracks three seconds after it turns on its lights. Four seconds after it turns on its lights, the ambulance is hit. ABC13 responded to the scene on the night of April 11.

"There were some injuries. Some people (were) taken from the train and the HFD ambulance. They were taken to local hospitals," HPD Sgt. James said that night.

On April 12, ABC13 began asking for answers. METRO said this was an open investigation and couldn't answer questions yet. Eyewitness News asked the fire department for an update on the paramedic and passengers that were hurt during the crash, but they also cited an ongoing investigation from METRO and said we had to wait.

Two days later, on the 14, METRO told Eyewitness News that HPD was taking the lead on the investigation due to a city vehicle, the ambulance, being involved. Then the same day, we were told METRO police were once again the lead on the crash investigation.

According to METRO data, there were 15 crashes involving the rail in February and March. Eight crashes involved vehicles making illegal turns or running red lights, once for a side swipe, and six involved cyclists or pedestrians.

We have requested data from HFD about their crash numbers.

On Tuesday, METRO said the investigation is over, and no one is being cited for the crash that resulted in multiple people being hurt. ABC13 also called HFD on Tuesday to ask, specifically, if the ambulance driver is still operating ambulances. But they are still citing an open investigation, an investigation we know is closed.

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